Saint Luke was conceived in the shade of a battered old sailing skiff on a sweltering-hot day in the Western Caribbean. A result of too little wind and too much rum, the chat idled towards the boredom of dull, flimsy and over-complicated travel bags.

We agreed that we all wanted something not just simple, robust and colourful - but also something completely unique that reflected our travels, our adventures and our personalities.

Saint Luke products are inspired by individuality, exploration, and doing what you love but helping along the way.  From the packed beaches of Ibiza, to the eclectic favelas of brazil or a remote rum shack in the Caribbean, Saint Luke is at home everywhere you go - and knowing that part of your purchase is going to a good cause, you can feel good that you've already made a difference before you've even left for the airport.


And why are we called Saint Luke?  It was the name of the old sailing skiff where our journey began...