The story of Saint Luke started on a scorching day in the Western Caribbean, under the shade of a weather-beaten sailing skiff. Fuelled by rum and idle conversation due to the lack of wind, we found ourselves discussing the frustration of travel bags that were either too flimsy, complicated or just plain boring.

Our solution was simple yet unique; we wanted travel essentials that were sturdy, vibrant and reflected our love for adventure, travel and individuality. Since our launch in the summer of 2015, we've expanded our collection to include swimwear, t-shirts, jackets, caps and more - all inspired by our love of the West Indies, Caribbean culture and people, and designed to capture the holiday spirit.

All our collections capture the holiday spirit to get you in the mood for rum in your glass, and sand between your toes. From the packed beaches of Ibiza, to the eclectic favelas of brazil or a remote rum shack in the Caribbean, Saint Luke products are perfectly at home everywhere they go.

And the reason behind our name? Well, it pays homage to the very same sailing skiff where our journey began - the old vessel was named Saint Luke.

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