August 19, 2019

We're always looking for new places to explore - from beach shacks to five star resorts, we're passionate about travel and culture. This week we chatted with The Peligoni Club - a family run members club in Greece.

Tell us a bit about Peligoni - what is it? 

The Peligoni Club is a relaxed, family-run beach club nestled in the rocky shore of Zakynthos, Greece. We have watersports aplenty, fine feasting from Guest Chefs to our Peli Deli, and beautiful villas and cottages to relax in. Being a members-only club, we are able to ensure that all of our guests have a personalised holiday and can truly relax during their time at the club. Small and personal with a focus on quality over quantity, the club moulds itself around your idea of the perfect Greek island getaway with loved ones.


Why Zakynthos? 

The Peligoni Club was born 30 years ago through a desire to bring family together and a love of watersports, thanks to the incredible Ionian Sea that the club sits upon. The north of Zakynthos, where you will find The Peligoni Club, is full of panoramic views, charming locals and sits beside the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. The calm and serenity of the morning means perfect conditions for water-skiing, wakeboarding and a morning dip then as the wind picks up in the afternoon it creates enviable conditions for sailing and mischief in the waves. Our home away from home is within the wild, unspoilt terrain of the hills and we hope to keep it that way. 


What kind of people come to Peligoni? 

All kinds! What makes Peligoni so special is the variety of guests throughout our summer season, creating a warming, family-feel in the club. We have many guests return year-on-year following the wonderful memories made over our communal BBQ nights, bonding over rosé and cocktails at our Driftwood Bar or simply a chance conversation whilst lying back on the pontoon. The Peligoni Club opens its doors in May and rounds up with our festival, The House Party in mid-September – so whether you’re travelling with little ones, a couples’ break, or celebrating with friends, there is a time at Peligoni to suit all.

We've been hearing a bit about 'The House Party' - what is it? 

The House Party is our very own 3 day mini-festival filled with live music, incredible DJs, fine feasting and creative workshops. It began in 2018 with the help of Bestival founder and all-round festival-maestro Rob da Bank and it was such a hit, we just had to do it again this year. The great thing about The House Party is that guests can come 11th – 14th September or join us for the whole week and experience the complete vibe of Peligoni.

Who is playing? 

Our line-up is as varied as the guests who join us. In the DJ camp we have Rob da Bank and Goldierocks, we have bands Thrill Collins, HUX, Easy Stride Band and SOULENDVR and even the incredible Medium Rare cabaret act including the incredibly talented Nina Conti – to name but a few. We have acoustics sets by the sea and DJ sets playing throughout the club. Nathan Ball is also returning this year to play two sets and magician to the stars Archie Manners will be on hand to compère the whole festival and showcase some of his incredible sleight of hand too.  

What other activities are going on? 

Throughout summer we have partnered up with London-based ‘wellness with a twist’ company OyoGo who will be hosting wellness classes during The House Party. Think sunrise yoga, yoga on the water and wellbeing sessions in between all the music. Overlooking the sea we will also be reintroducing our pop-up spa that will have a range of beauty treatments and massages to indulge in. To spark the creativity we have hidden in ourselves, Heaps & Stacks will also be returning to The House Party for the second year to host 3 different workshops where you can learn a new craft in silk printing or create a holiday memento in the form of an embossed sunglasses case. And if that isn’t enough, our favourite life-drawing artist Bella Franks is on-hand to put pen (or charcoal) to paper in her portrait corner. Top this all off with some incredible feasting and freshly made cocktails and we think you’ve got yourself the #PeliHouseParty.


What would you recommend to bring?

Your best dance moves, of course!


Tickets are £200 and include membership and full watersports upgrade for 1 week. To find out more about The Peligoni Club and The House Party head to or call 0208 740 3001.

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