SAINT LUKE does Glastonbury

We don't care what anybody says - Glastonbury is wicked.  It’s like going to another country, a hip and thrilling Brigadoon that appears every year or so. Coming to Glastonbury involves a fair amount of travel, and probably a queue to get in but, when you get past these impediments, you'll soon realise what all the fuss is about.

Once upon a time it was a magnet for free spirits and hippies with tickets costing just £1 - but the Glastonbury Festival has come a long way from its peace-loving roots of the 1970s when 1,500 people paid a quid to watch Ray Davies and The Kinks and T-Rex at the event's pre-cursor, the Pilton Festival.

This year tickets for what has become the largest greenfield festival in the world attended by more than 175,000 went on sale at £220 - and sold out in just 25 minutes.

If you're anything like us, and the idea of coughing up that kind of cash for a ticket then slumming it in a muddy tent doesn't appeal then fear not: since the crowds have grown up, so too have the accommodation options.  See below for the top five SAINT LUKE approved Glastonbury glamp sites.


1. Windinglake Farm (Fly Glastonbury)

At just 400m from the festival, this is one of the closest sites.  Most excitingly, and as the name suggests, if you're feeling flush then Windinglake Farm has it's very own helipad, and can easily arrange everything from charter services to facilities for owner/operators. 

As well as helicopters, these guys also offer a range of luxurious caravans and high end American Trailers as accommodation, in addition to a barn which is converted annually into one of the very few 24hr bars in the area.

Prices start from £710 for a caravan.

2. The Pop-Up Hotel

 Doing it in style: Not everyone who goes to Glastonbury has to put up their own tent, these bell tents provide the perfect luxury setting for fancy festivalgoers

With more than 150 canvas safari-style bell tents and lavish facilities, the Pop-Up Hotel offers almost all of the comforts that you would expect to find in a conventional hotel including double beds, full English breakfast, valet parking, wood deck flooring throughout and hot showers just a fifteen minute stroll from the festival.   Here, your ultimate Glastonbury experience starts the moment you have your car valet-parked and your butler carry your bags to your room.

Prices start from £995 for a tent.

3. Camp Kerala 

For those of you who don't yet know, Camp Kerala it has become generally accepted as the easiest, chicest, most luxurious and chilled way of being at the Festival.

Described by Vogue as "unquestionably one of the most glamorous places to be in the UK", there are large Rajasthani sofa chairs in which guest can recline, drink mojito cocktails and soak in the stunning views.  The atmosphere here is extremely calm and guests just drift in and out whenever it suits them.  As well as plush furnishings, double beds, power sockets and an on-site spa, there are five star food and drink options running 24 hours.

Prices from £8,225 for accommodation for two and tickets.

 4. Pennard Orchard


Just a 10-minute stroll from the festival - within listening range - Pennard Orchard has huge 18ft tipis, complete with inviting beds and fresh linens. 

Coupled with a great bar and restaurant, luxury loos, hot showers and a powder room for the chicks, daybeds to lounge on, tunes to listen to and even daily newspapers to read as you devour breakfast and set yourself up for another day in the festival, it really is the place to stay.

Prices from £2,500 for a two person tipi.

5. Land & Sky

For a real escape from the main revelry, try Land & Sky’s luxury yurts and tipis pitched in a private field overlooking the festival. Boasting a hill-top bar with unrivaled views, as well as a restaurant with a comprehensive dining menu and numerous catering options (you can even get a takeaway picnic), this is the place to be if you want to best of both worlds.

Prices from £5,750 for a tent.



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